Week One Hundred & Six – Mary Berry’s Sticky Apricot Pudding

Week 106 and already I am behind with my blog, so much for New Year good intentions! As I have mentioned before, we still had a lot of goodies left over from Christmas and so when I dipped into Mary Berry‘s Baking Bible I went hunting for a pudding that could be eaten quickly and the sticky apricot pudding seemed to fit the bill. I had actually planned to make this before Christmas but I didn’t get around to it.

Mary Berry's Sticky Apricot Pudding

This recipe was a lovely one to begin the new year. It basically involved a cake mix which was a Mary special- throw all the ingredients together and mix, pour into a pudding tin and lay the apricots on top and then pour over the melted butter and then sprinkle demerara sugar over the top. Bake in the oven for about half an hour until , in Mary’s words it becomes caramelized and brown. Mary suggests you eat it while its still warm with either cream or custard. We had a slice on its own and it was delicious.

Kims sticky apricot pudding

Our hairy hoolie who gave us such stress with his unexpected torsion and emergency operation just before Christmas is well on the road to a full recovery. This was a massive relief to us, this photo below was when we had just collected him on Christmas Eve and he was still really sleepy from the anesthetic and the painkilling drugs but having him alive and back with us. was the best Christmas present we could have had!

poorly hairy hoolie

A few people have been asking for clearer pictures of the stable I made for my nativity characters, if you re-visit that blog entry, I have added some more photos for you that show more of the detail.


Day 14 – Wednesday 21st September 2011

Our last full day and we left Kamloops with heavy hearts to drive to Whistler, our last hotel for this trip.

The drive reminded us of our first days which seemed more than 2 weeks ago now. We have adjusted to Canadian time, Canadian driving and the Canadian lifestyle and tomorrow we return to reality and resume our lives in the UK.

We stopped in Pemberton to use the rest room (toilet) and there was a coach load of English tourists who had just arrived and were obviously still working on UK time looking at the state of them…. The only worrying question was “did we really look that rough two weeks ago?”  These poor tourists looked shattered and as we walked out of the Gas station laughing, we felt like seasoned veterans!

Today has been pretty much travelling and the only time we stopped was to watch some of the salmon on their spawning run.  It’s a strange life being a Salmon, especially if your female!!!

We have had most seasons of weather in the last two weeks and today we have had our first rain during the day. Not just the first rain during the day, but god knows how many millimetres of rain…  Heavy was one way of putting it, but looking at the long range weather forecast it’s now rain, rain and more rain, so we obviously timed our trip absolutely perfectly..  Just imagine it was 30 degrees celcius when we landed and is probably going to be about 12 – 14 degrees celcius when we depart…..

This is our last Canadian blog, the next will be from the UK when we have arrived home and we have been reunited with our two beloved hoolies!  Have to admit that although we will both miss Canada dearly, we both miss our two hairy German Shepherds more…  I suppose the ideal combination would be to have the two hairy hooligans with us over here, although that would mean getting Michka a passport, as Bailey already has one…

Well thank you all for reading our blogs over the past couple of weeks and we both hope that you have enjoyed them and enjoyed some of the photographs that have gone with them.

Lewis & Kim

A Man’s Best Friend…

People say we assign human values and emotions to our dogs. It’s called anthropomorphism, a word often used when an older couple get a dog because their child has gone off to University and so the dog becomes the child substitute…

Anyway I digress. If we assign human values to our dogs, then what’s it called when our dogs assign their values to us?

Are dogs smart? Generally speaking, hell yes!!! Especially working breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds.

Well Michka hasn’t quite figured out what’s going on, but our big lad, Bailey, knows something isn’t quite right. After all the human members of “his pack” don’t spend hours putting all their possessions in these big black cases; They certainly don’t bag up 56 bags of dog food and put them in one BIG bag….

You have the joys of going on a holiday, having an adventure, but this is the other side as Kim and I have to leave our two beautiful German Shepherds in a kennels.

It’s a rather strange experience seeing we have never put any of our dogs in kennels. Bailey may have a passport but just flying him out there is about the same as both of our tickets there and back!!! :0) Pets and planes is a ridiculously expensive past time so we come to who do you trust to look after your beloved hairy hooligans? Well this task has fallen upon Val and Peter at the Kennels who I know will take great care of them.

It’s going to feel strange being in a foreign country without our dogs, but then again it’s only for 2 weeks. I’m sure we’ll manage…

Blog…. A What?

Kim and I welcome you to something that apparently they call a blog.

An English friend on mine who lives in South Africa, Andrew Stevenson, has eventually persuaded me to create a blog.

So what is the purpose of our blog?

To be honest I’m not sure really, but I didn’t want to create a blog, just for the sake of it.  So our first experience into blogging will be whilst we are on our Canadian travels as we embark on the “holiday of a lifetime”.

So what else are we going to bore you, whoops sorry excite you, with?  Well we both have a great love for Photography and also a great love of German Shepherd dogs, of which we have 2.

All we ask for is a little patience while we figure this blogging business out and we hope you’ll join us in our travels to the stunning Canadian Rockies……