Day 12 – Monday 19th September 2011

We started the day with the quad bike half day experience, we each had our own quad bike (ATV) and after the safety talk (!) and how to ride it, we set off for the “test” ground to see how we got on.

That done, and no problems, Rob, our guide for the morning led us out into the back country and off we went. Lewis had some trouble with his at first, and kept veering to the right , but eventually got it sorted.

We saw some amazing sights out, once the cloud had lifted.  The waterfall we went to was spectacular and had a rainbow over it due to the increased flow of water down the Kicking Horse river at it rained last night, so lower down we got rain whilst up in the mountains there was a few centimetres of snow…..

Despite having big rubber tyres and rubber handle bar grips, Lewis survived the experience without falling off, locking any joints and not having any allergic reaction! What a Result!!!

We took some pictures along the route and when we got back to the site, Rob took some pictures of us together and some video footage of both of us racing around the test ground with more confidence than the initial outing!

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About Lewis & Kim Brown

We are a husband and wife team who have a great passion and love of wildlife and Photography. So apart from wildlife we have a great love of our four legged canine companions and in fact have two German Shepherd dogs. After many years of image taking, Lewis has decided to study Photography at our local college and has already studied Photoshop editing. With all this increased knowledge I suppose it's fair to say we are moving up from being total amateurs to being semi-professional with the ultimate aim of becoming full-time professional photographers.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Monday 19th September 2011

  1. Sorry we missed your contact call think it was a case of phone in pocket! Have just viewed Quad Bike blog and pics. Amazing. Just love the one of you both on the bikes. A real jewel.What an achievement. What an experience. Wish I could wave a magic wand to extend your time in that stunning country. Thats not to say we have not missed you and the Ossities. Continue to enjoy up to the last moment and thanks again for sharing so many wonderful things.xxxxx Silver Surfers.

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