Welcome Home….

How did the poem start? “Oh to be in England…” God knows what Robert Browning was on when he wrote it, but it’s probably illegal nowadays!!! :0)

So we’ve been home from Canada for a week now and how does it feel?

Firstly do I include or exclude the dogs when answering that question?

Well I can hardly say I’m ecstatic to be back, although it is wonderful to have the dogs back with us, and I’m pretty sure they’re thinking along the same lines… LOL.

We have to thank Val and Peter for taking such good care of them. It’s probably fair to say that instead of just crying and wailing, that these two had a wonderful holiday too without Kim and I telling them to be quite, or to behave themselves…

So now we’ve got past the dogs, are we pleased to be back? Hummm well quite simply put….. NO!!!

We may have only spent 2 weeks in Canada, but we did find the Canucks to be generally very polite people and what was the one thing we noticed? There weren’t crowds of teenagers standing on street corners getting drunk and looking for trouble. Maybe there is far more for them to do in Canada? Maybe the education system is so much better?

It was strange, but we were told that truancy isn’t a problem out there because their education system works differently, but then on doing some research and reading up, it would appear that they still have a problem with truancy, just the level might be different and the reasons may well be different.

Given half a chance we would definitely just up sticks and move away from Great Britain Plc.!!! Let’s be honest here, this country seems to be going down hill more and more each year. Is the UK getting worse or am I just becoming older? Victor Meldrew maybe comes to mind… :0)

If we don’t get to live in such a stunning country then we’ll definitely be back to vacation. I personally would hope that a vacation in Canada is just the very tip of an incredible journey and life changing experience.


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About Lewis & Kim Brown

We are a husband and wife team who have a great passion and love of wildlife and Photography. So apart from wildlife we have a great love of our four legged canine companions and in fact have two German Shepherd dogs. After many years of image taking, Lewis has decided to study Photography at our local college and has already studied Photoshop editing. With all this increased knowledge I suppose it's fair to say we are moving up from being total amateurs to being semi-professional with the ultimate aim of becoming full-time professional photographers.

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