Week Twenty – Mary Berry’s Eccles Cakes

Mary Berry's Eccles CakesWell, I am feeling better still this week and wanted to try something a bit more challenging so, I looked through Mary Berry’s baking bible and decided on the Eccles Cake recipe.

I have never made these before so it was a bit of a venture into the unknown as to what the outcome would be.
Mary’s recipe instructions are very detailed so I set off reasonably confidently on Sunday morning.

Eventually I was at the construction stage and that was the fun part! I cut out my circles in the pastry and put a table spoon of filling in each one, wet the edges and folded the pastry in to meet and seal, turned them over, shaped them into rounds , flattened them slightly and cut the 3 slots in them.

Kim's Eccles Cakes

Here are the results and I must admit, they tasted rather good! ? I seem to be back in the baking saddle and I am now looking through Mary’s book to see what I fancy making next week!


3 thoughts on “Week Twenty – Mary Berry’s Eccles Cakes

  1. Thank you so much, I’ve been looking for this exact Eccles cakes recipe in this book. My Grandma used this book but when she died they threw it out accidentally! they’re the BEST and bring back so many happy memories my family are constantly asking me to make them. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Natalie, I am glad that you visited the blog and found something so useful that brought back special memories. Many of Mary’s recipes have done that for me. Take care.

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