Week One Hundred & Thirty Seven – Mary Berry’s New Year Tipsy Cake & Baked Alaska

I can barely believe it but I am typing my final…..yes FINAL baking challenge blog. Yes this is the final two recipes from Mary Berry‘s Baking Bible and my journey has come to an end.

you can do it too

I saved Mary’s New Year Tipsy cake and her “bingate” of recipes- the baked alaska as my final recipes and hopefully finish on a high note rather than consigning either of these to the bin!!! I began with Mary’s new year tipsy cake.


Mary asks you to put some of the eggs plus egg yolks and sugar into a large bowl and whisk over hot water until the mix left a trail. I have been guilty of not whisking this type of mix long enough in the past so I made doubly sure that this mix was thick and mousse like. Once you have done this, whisk the egg whites in another bowl until stiff and fold into the mix with the flours and lemon rind, pour into the prepared tin and bake. Once risen, and yes this cake did rise well, allow to cool and then try and follow Mary’s instructions on how to cut into it so it’s like a flan case with a lid…not easy and I read it a few times before attempting it.  Prepare the sugar syrup and add the sweet white wine and brandy and pour some over the sponge, add whipped cream and orange segments, put the top back on, finish the syrup on top, cover with cream and decorate with a few slices of orange. Not the prettiest of cakes but I think I could be tipsy after a slice or two of this!

IMG_0734 IMG_0737

The second recipe was the dreaded baked alaska. I had watched the bingate Great British Bake Off episode where Ian’s had gone so dreadfully wrong and hoped I would avoid having to do THIS!


I began with the sponge. Mary asks you to whisk the eggs and sugar together until think and creamy and left a trail. Again, I kept on going until I was totally sure that this was as Mary asked. I baked it in the oven and then left it to cool. I then prepared the strawberries and piled them up on top and covered these with some strawberry ice cream and no, i didn’t make my own, nor does Mary suggest you do in this recipe. I then put this into the freezer for a few hours.


After a few hours, I began to prepare the meringue by whisking the egg whites until stiff then began the tedious task of adding the sugar a little at a time until the meringue was thick and glossy. i got my base out of the freezer, smothered the meringue all over it , sprinkled it with some flaked almonds and put it in the pre-heated oven for 4 minutes. I must say, i was amazed with the result and had the chief tasters on standby with their pudding bowls to collect their part. We ate half of this between us and thoroughly enjoyed it but now feel full and a bit icky!



Well it is with a mixture of happiness and sadness that I have finished this baking adventure, I began it having read Annaliese’s challenge rising to the berry and she was my inspiration. I have also watched and loved the Great British Bake Off challenges especially when they have covered Mary’s recipes and one’s that I have done. I would like to thank you all for popping by, either as a one off as you stumble across this blog or as regular readers and visitors. All of your support has been appreciated on this journey.  I have learned so much over this time and after having a rest from baking for a while, I will continue to bake but not with such frequency.

I would also like to thank my mum and my other mum and dad also known as my chief tasters along with my hubby. Thank you for being brave enough to sample everything even when it didn’t always look very appetising!


I have had a lot of ups and downs on this journey too and thank you all for bearing with me through thick and thin. I will occasionally pop back to blog about other things and look at the viewing figures which have been amazing.

the end

If you have a dream or fancy a challenge, I would suggest you try it, you never know where it might lead and if you blog about it too, others can join you on your adventures, either as occasional travel companions or some who will be beside you every step of the way.

jumping for joy

I would like to dedicate my final blog to each and every one of my gorgeous dogs, past and present, each a faithful and loving companion who spent time with me in various kitchens “helping” in my creations.


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