Where have we been??????

Our blog has really laid dormant since 2016 even though we still have many visitors each year for Kim’s Baking Bible Challenge and are so pleased that people still find our site useful.

We have both had so much going on in our lives that to be honest trying to think of subjects / challenges to blog about and make them interesting hasn’t been high up on our list.

So what’s been happening since 2016? Well we lost our beloved Bailey in 2015 just as Kim was coming to the end of her Baking Challenge and we welcomed a new puppy into our home and he featured in a couple of Kim’s last baking posts.

Lewis was looking for a sport that he could take part in and become good at despite his physical health conditions and so in January 2017 he decided to take up Archery! Yep it’s a great sport that young, old, able bodied or disabled can take part in and all shoot and compete together.

Lewis was making great progress with his archery gaining his 1st Class classification in May 2017, but then in July 2017 he walked in to hospital for further surgery and we don’t know what happened as the surgery seemed to go to plan, but he ended up in a wheelchair!!! Suddenly having to rely on a wheelchair becomes an incredibly big shock to the system, but lays down a new challenge for Lewis and so goes from a standing archer to a para-archer and now competes both locally and nationally and who knows where his archery journey will take him….

Archery GB National Tour Stage 7 – Basingstoke – September 2019

So we come to 2020 and what happens?  Yep COVID!!!  It’s fair to say that the lockdowns have been challenging, but at least we both have managed to stay Covid free and feel for all those families who have lost loved ones to this dreadful virus.

So what do you do during a lockdown? Kim has been working from home since March 2020 and having to deal with all the difficulties that brings and what has Lewis been doing? Well, your not going to believe it, but yep he’s managed to learn a new skill that nobody would ever thought he’d do in a month of Sundays so your just going to have to wait and read an upcoming blog…. and who’s to blame for this new skill?

…. Just blame Covid!!! It has a lot to answer for.

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About Lewis & Kim Brown

We are a husband and wife team who have a great passion and love of wildlife and Photography. So apart from wildlife we have a great love of our four legged canine companions and in fact have two German Shepherd dogs. After many years of image taking, Lewis has decided to study Photography at our local college and has already studied Photoshop editing. With all this increased knowledge I suppose it's fair to say we are moving up from being total amateurs to being semi-professional with the ultimate aim of becoming full-time professional photographers.

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