Tis the Festive Season!!! :0)

Not long to go till we will be sitting down with my parents stuffing ourselves with Christmas dinner, courtesy of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer!!!

I’m sure it was only yesterday that we were doing the same thing. Maybe it’s only me, but this year seems to have flown by and 2012 is looming just around the corner… Dare I mention the London Olympics?

So what have we been upto this year? Dare I say not much really, or just the usual daily life, although there was one BIG difference this year…. Canada!!!

We’d been talking about this trip for at least 5 years and finally the time had arrived where we’d dare stick me on a plane and pray to god that I didn’t go splat and have some allergic reaction……

Before we come to Canada, there was one other little event… Yes I turned 40!!! Do I feel any different? Hummmm I can honestly say NO and still have the same pains I had at the beginning of the year.

So now to Canada…. Yippeeee!!!! Yes, I know the majority, if not all, of our blog site is about our Canadian adventure and my god what a holiday it was… What a country!!! The hardest thing must have been putting the dogs into kennels and obviously the best bit was landing and going straight to the airport to collect them, but it’s the 15 days that happened in between…

We are just hoping to win big on the lottery now so that we can pack up and permanently leave UK Plc for some remaining, beautiful Wilderness… Yep, we’d probably give anything to up sticks and settle in Canada. Let’s be honest, who can blame us?

Hopefully it won’t be another 5 years, but only time will tell….

We both hope that you have had a fantastic year and made some exciting memories.

Raising our imaginary glasses we would like to make a toast to you all and your families at this festive time of year and wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that you have a peaceful and prosperous 2012!!!

Lewis & Kim Brown

P.S. and not a single mention of a camera or any photography for that matter…. Just watch this space as we’ll try and change that for 2012 :0)