Week Forty Four – Mary Berry’s Drop Scones

Week forty four and it was also my birthday this week. I was going to make one of Mary Berry‘s cakes from her Baking Bible but there was “secret squirrel” stuff going on and I had the most amazing surprise of a birthday cake appearing at the restaurant on my birthday courtesy of my hubby and my other mum and dad.

Kim's Birthday Cake

So, with a massive birthday cake to eat , what could I choose to make this week that meant I kept  to my challenge? Drop Scones were the answer and that’s what we had for this evening’s tea as neither of us were overly hungry.

Mary Berry's Drop Scones

The mix was very straight forward, all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until the consistency was like cream. I didn’t have a griddle but I had my trusty frying pan and set to work. The pancakes were very tasty , an easy challenge week and a scrummy supper.

Kim's Drop Scones