Day 13 – Tuesday 20th September 2011

After an “interesting” stay at the super 8! we hit the road fairly early and set off for Kamloops and the Wildlife Centre there.

At the Centre, they have two orphaned grizzly cubs about 8 months old, so so cute but no plans to try and return them to the wild or to work with the Grizzly Bear Society in order for them to learn the skills they need in the wild.  We both feel this is very sad as Grizzly numbers are diminishing in some areas and rescuing orphaned cubs from the Wild isn’t going to help protect these numbers….

Although the Centre does good work and although all the animals are well looked after and have arrived there after accidents etc., it becomes more of a zoo and less about conservation.  A little time and forward planning wouldn’t go a miss.  The fact that we knew more about the Canus Lupus (wolves) than the lady who did the presentation talk, we did find a little amusing. The funniest part must have been when this lady decided to start quizzing Lewis because we’d said we like wolves and know quite a lot about them….  She almost seemed rather upset when Lewis answered the questions correctly!!! LOL :0)

Having said all of that, we saw some animals that we were unlikely to see in the wild here, including wolves, coyotes, cougar and american eagle.

We spent a lot of time just watching the wolves and the black bears and eventually tore ourselves away to check into our second to last hotel….. The end is all too clearly in sight now and we have had the most amazing time, taken loads of photos and video (sorry everyone at home but you may get bored with it all!) and we have a lot of incredible memories.

Tonight we found a restaurant that actually served meals other than burgers or pizza and was reasonable.  So we actually ordered something that didn’t come with chips and had the pot roast which was lovely!!!

Onwards tomorrow to our last hotel so tonight we are firing up the jacuzzi bath and chilling whilst going over our photos.

Well off to bed now as have a reasonably long drive tomorrow back to Whistler… :0)