Bit Behind

Hi folks it’s day 3 of our Canada trip and although I feel i’ve been up all day and all night, I’m getting behind on writing this blog, getting photos uploaded etc… :0(

Please bare with us as it should be sorted and upto date within the next 24 – 48 hours and will then be easier to keep upto date.

At least you all know we’re both fine and the bears haven’t eaten us yet !!!  Talking of bears we haven’t seen a single bit of wildlife yet… Maybe this is because it’s sooo hot over here and everything is sooo dry… It’s like a tinder box, so it’s not surprising there have been reports of a few rather large forest fires….

Anyway, we’re off to Revelstoke this morning (Saturday) and blog will be sorted :0(

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About Lewis & Kim Brown

We are a husband and wife team who have a great passion and love of wildlife and Photography. So apart from wildlife we have a great love of our four legged canine companions and in fact have two German Shepherd dogs. After many years of image taking, Lewis has decided to study Photography at our local college and has already studied Photoshop editing. With all this increased knowledge I suppose it's fair to say we are moving up from being total amateurs to being semi-professional with the ultimate aim of becoming full-time professional photographers.

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