Day 6 – Tuesday 13th September 2011

Good morning Everyone!!!

Well we both had a much better nights sleep last night and were up at 06:00 this morning.  Having sorted a couple of bits out we’ve already been out at sunrise up to the road to Lake Louise and also up the road to Lake Moraine again to see if there was any wildlife around….  Funnily enough I think you can all work out the answer to that one  :0)

This morning, after breakfast, we are heading on up to Jasper via the Columbia Icefield.  From Lake Louise to Jasper is 232km or 140 miles in English money….

It’s overcast and certainly very chilly this morning, but we are both looking forward to going and actually standing and walking around on a Glacier…..  :0)  We’ll let you know how we get on.

Bye for now…

Lewis & Kim

P.S.  We are finding it difficult trying to edit and get video up on the blog.  In fact to be honest we are not sure what the photos look like seeing they are un-edited and have come straight off the camera.  We will get some more photos sorted out this evening as there is Wi-Fi at our lodge in Jasper :0)

We’re back, although it is the next day strangely enough…

Well they say the road to the Icefields is the most beautiful in Canada – and it certainly is stunning – the journey to the Columbia Icefields, up highway 93 (Icefields Parkway) from Lake Louise should take about 1 1/2 hours …. We took about twice that !!! So would you have if you’d kept stopping at the view points to look at the scenery and take yet more pictures.

After about 10 mins on the Parkway we saw an awful lot of cars and RVs just pulled over, so knew that there had to be some sort of Wildlife upfront.  At long last… Hallelujah!!!   We finally get to see a bear from ground level….  He was a pretty good-sized black bear and we got some video footage and we think some wonderful photos of him.  Humans are strange you know; just because Mr Bear was wearing a collar, people obviously decided that he must be tame and so the 100m rule set by the Parks Authorities went straight out of the window!!!  Believe me when we tell you he was most certainly wild….  As so many people decided that they could get within 20 feet of Mr Bear, Lewis decided he’d get closer to get some lovely photos and he just hoped if bear fancied a snack then he’d choose someone else.  There was only one problem with this theory as was demonstrated when Mr Bear come quite quickly out of the bushes to the roadside and everyone else just ran, whilst my dear husband was standing there with camera to his face getting photos!!!  Well maybe hubby had “gone off” seeing the bear didn’t eat him……

Eventually we got to the Columbia Icefield Centre and booked our tickets for the Glacier tour. We got on a coach that took us up the mountain to the start of the glacier where we transferred to the glacier bus for the next part. Out on the glacier we went, with an entertaining guide giving us commentary on the way, we were allowed to get out at the top of the glacier for 20 minutes to take pictures and sample the glacier water which was very pure but cold….brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

After that experience of a lifetime, we drove on and thought we would make time up on the way to Jasper but the landscape kept getting in the way! And then the mountain sheep got in the way…..and then the magnificent stag on the road……

Eventually we found our home for the night – Pocahontas Cabins, about 30 minutes outside of Jasper.

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