Day 7 – Wednesday 14th September 2011

Apart from the usual waking up and having breakfast which by now I suspect you had already worked out…..

We took a drive into Jasper which is about 30 minutes away from our cabin and stopped at the Canadian equivalent of Tourist Information in order to find out where the best places were to go for wildlife.

Lake Maligne appeared to be our best bet as there had been various reports of Bear, Moose and Elk in the area.  So after a little “window shopping” we jumped into the SUV and headed off out.

With Kim not feeling 100% today we decided to have a fairly quiet and tranquil day and so with the time being about 12:30 we thought we’d go and have coffee at the Fairmount Lodge which is in a similar vicinity to the Lake.  Well on arrival at the lodge we thought we’d better quickly turn round and get the hell out of there !!!!  Let’s just say we didn’t think our budget would stretch that far….  We always thought that price was for a room, not a coffee!!!! :0)

We pushed on and head along Maligne Road and came to Maligne Canyon which had a cafe and so we stopped there. Lewis got talking to a couple as he loved their dog – we thought it was an Alaskan Malamute but ….. it turned out to be a wolf hybrid dog, allegedly 60% wolf, 40% Malamute – and he looked stunning!!! Kim eventually got her hubby back and we got drinks and snacks – Lewis had an Apple Pastry and Kim had home-made Pecan Pie – both were yummy!!!

We then decided to head back for the cabin as it was “too early” for wildlife spotting or so we thought.  We were told any time after 5.30pm or before 9am were the best times…….yet on the way back we saw mountain sheep on the side of a mountain (funnily enough) and elk in the river!!!

Time now to head out again on our wildlife expedition…..”We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re gonna catch a big one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared……well not much any way!”

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About Lewis & Kim Brown

We are a husband and wife team who have a great passion and love of wildlife and Photography. So apart from wildlife we have a great love of our four legged canine companions and in fact have two German Shepherd dogs. After many years of image taking, Lewis has decided to study Photography at our local college and has already studied Photoshop editing. With all this increased knowledge I suppose it's fair to say we are moving up from being total amateurs to being semi-professional with the ultimate aim of becoming full-time professional photographers.

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