Week Thirty Two – Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake

Week Thirty two and a special bake this week as it was my lovely hubby’s birthday.

After the success of the victoria sandwich cake, I thought the cappuccino cake would go down well with him and reading the recipe, Mary tells you to pretty much throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together, but do not over mix (??!!) So, I weighed out all the ingredients, put them all in a bowl and with a quick whizz of the electric hand mixer, job done, just needed to divide the mix between two sandwich tins and into the oven for about half an hour.

Mary Berry's Cappuccino Cake

After the half hour was up and timer had gone ping, I checked the cakes but they were not quite done so another five minutes or so and out they came. They looked lovely and after a few minutes, i was able to take them out of the tins and put them on the cooling racks.

A while later I finished the cakes with quite a lot of whipped cream, and coffee. To add my own spin to it, I added a few chocolate flakes to the top, some chocolate hearts and some candles.

Kim's Cappuccino Cake

Happy Birthday to my lovely hubby, hope you enjoyed your cake! xx


1 thought on “Week Thirty Two – Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake

  1. Well what can I say…. This cake was absolutely delicious!!! Oh and I do mean was rather than is…. The texture of the cake was very light and the chocolate wasn’t overly rich. There was a delicate touch of coffee to it and I don’t think I need to make any comment with regard to the fresh cream… Hehehe

    A huge thank you to my darling wifey!!! :0)

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