Week Thirty Three – Mary Berry’s Cheese Scone Round

After the over indulence of chocolate and big cakes of the last few weeks, I searched Mary Berry‘s baking bible in search of something savoury and found this recipe that I had yet to cover.

Mary Berry's Cheese Scone Round recipe

The recipe seemed easy enough and Mary’s instructions as always are clear and concise. I assembled all the ingredients as instructed and ended up with a scone dough that Mary suggests shaping into a round and dividing into 6 sections. This is where I added my own twist and decided to cut them out as usual scone shapes which I think looks nicer and is easier to store. I managed to cut out 9 scone shapes , sprinkled the top of them with the leftover grated cheese and popped them in the oven.

The smell as they were cooking was mouthwatering! After the pinger went off, I had a look at them and they were a beautiful golden colour and pretty even so I was pleased with them.

Kim's cheese scones

I am afraid to say that one didn’t get to cool off totally, before it was sampled but I maintain that this is the cook’s perk!


5 thoughts on “Week Thirty Three – Mary Berry’s Cheese Scone Round

  1. I tried the Scone round and found that after 15 minutes they weren’t cooked through sufficiently requiring 6-8 minutes more directly on the oven shelf…gorgeous

    • That’s great….did you make the round like Mary did or individual scones like me? These are my chief taster’s favourite and he’s a bit miffed that he has to wait till I have finished the book for more!

    • Thank you for your comment, but Week Thirty Three is perfectly legible on a computer, laptop or cellphone. However, the whole idea of Kim’s Cake Challenge isn’t to publish every recipe and use the blog instead of getting Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

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